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Saudi Quality Council in the Western Region civil non-profit organization under the auspices of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality aims to spread the concept of quality of individuals, organizations and society through multiple programs that provide opportunities for education and improve the quality and exchange of experiences and knowledge.
The Saudi Quality Council appreciates your interest to publish quality society organizations culture and make you grateful for your support of the march of the Council and your participation membership organizations provided by the Council, which we hope will be a source of pride and pride in you and you are entitled to the publication of this achievement of your organization with your partners in the success of customers, suppliers and shareholders and other individuals and communities who have a relationship with your work.
These rules aim to clarify the correct way to use the organic logo after you obtain it as a signal to this achievement without falling into the wrong with the relevant official bodies and that these rules will enable you to not fall into the common mistakes that are of some of the organizations that lead to the arrival of the wrong message or It is not clear about your membership, which may conflict with the policy of the Council in this regard.
The rules of use of organic slogan:
1. Alharaly used for official publications your organization (the visit card, envelopes, memos, letters) can also be used in brochures and advertising propaganda of the organization only.
2. You may not use the logo on products or their packaging or leaflets or posters or special services provided by the organization certificates understand them so that these products or services approved by the Council.
3. You must use the logo design which will be lent him without any modification in the design or colors.
4. You should not put the following statements (certified by the Board, authorized by the Council, ensuring that the Council), where the Council is an educational point of view and not adoption.
5. You should not give the impression that access to Council membership means ensuring the adoption of the Council or the products or services provided.
6. write the following formula under the logo (a member of the Saudi Quality Council, membership number (....) organization supportive of the activities of the Council, according to the figure below.
7. Failure to comply with the rules of use of organic logo may lead to the withdrawal of membership and to take any other action to protect the Council in front of the official bodies.



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