Quality in Islam

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Quality in Islam

"Allah loves if one of you does a job that you can do." Narrated by al-Bayhaqi

The concept of quality and improvement of work in general is not new to us Muslims, Islam urges us to master the work and calls for improvement and quality and mastery in work and make those who improve the best work in the Koran and many of the Prophet's Hadith, such as saying (Almighty God Almighty) It is an expert on what you do)) ants 88, and the Almighty said ((Those who believe and do good deeds, we do not lose the reward of the best work)) Cave 30 It is a saheeh ahaadeeth that urge the improvement of the work as his saying peace be upon him "God loves if one of you work To be proficient. "Narrated by al-Bayhaqi and the scholars of the principles of total quality , Finds that many of those principles have been interested in Islam and worked to consolidate them, including, but not limited to
 Love work and mastery
 Audit and accounting
 Sincerity and self-monitoring
Teams, cooperation and solidarity among members of the community
We at the Saudi Quality Council strive to make this site a reference for those interested in quality and Islamic vision and look forward to the contributions of others in this area and we welcome any topic or lectures to be posted on the site to benefit

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