Healthcare Interest Group


With over 100 professional activities in the last 7 years, the HIG raising the self-esteem bar.
The HIG is one of the Western Region health care community's pioneers groups devoted to quality in health care services.  HIG established under the umbrella of the Saudi Quality Council –WR in 2003 by group of health care providers who have passion to quality and devotion to advance professional volunteering . 

HIG Vision

To be among the pioneers in advancing quality culture in health care services derived from our ethical and professional values and social responsibility and have fingerprint in the quality journey of the health care facilities deploying it in the Western region.    

HIG Mission

is to continuously spread the quality culture among the health care providers through professional and educational networking, and to exchange knowledge and expertise of quality applications, implementation and certification within the health care community.   

HIG Goals are:

1- Raise awareness about the necessity of quality implementation in health care services and facilities.  
2- Networking with the health care leaderships, professionals and advocates to advance quality excellence in health care industry and community.

3- Prominent and active presence or participation in professional events to promote quality culture and its applications in health care services.

4- Organize and/or co-sponsor health care quality events with interested parties.

5- Bridging with the public to raise awareness about the quality culture, applications, certifications, rights, and benefits in the health care services offered to them through participation in the social and community activities.


1- Professional Volunteering devotion
2- Considering all health care providers.
3- Team spirit is the drive.      
4- Respect diversified cultures & background.
5- Results oriented.

  • Prof. Mohamed Bakhotmah

    Prof. Mohamed Bakhotmah

    King AbdulAziz University Hospital

    Surgery Professor & Mentor KAUH / 0505642385

  • Dr. Hani Fetyani

    Dr. Hani Fetyani

    Saudi Geological Survey

    Quality Advisor Saudi Geological Survey / 0505606413

  • Dr. Mohamed Ghamdi

    Dr. Mohamed Ghamdi

    National Guard Health Affairs, Primary Health Care

    Family Medicine KAMC-WR / 0555777121

  • Ms. Daliah Taibah

    Ms. Daliah Taibah

    King Abdulaziz Medical City - WR

    Healthcare Q-Digest Coordinator KAMC-WR

  • Mr. Abdulrahman Qutub

    Mr. Abdulrahman Qutub

    International Medical Center

    International Medical Center (IMC) / 0554533161

  • Dr. Wail Alam

    Dr. Wail Alam

    Al Hada Armed Force Hospital

    Family Medicine KFMH-CR / 0506535141

  • Dr. Baraa Al Haj Hussein

    Dr. Baraa Al Haj Hussein


  • Dr. Nashat Nafouri

    Dr. Nashat Nafouri

    HIG Chairman, SQC KAMC-WR


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شهادة شكر للأستاذ زاهد

شهادة شكر للأستاذ زاهد